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Monday, 13 August 2012

Letter from the Prime Minister of Meekamui

Meekamui Government Progress
Prime Minister, William Sivusia


Dear Uncle Leonard,

When I saw your sharing on FB about the accident in POM in which three Bougainvilleans were brutally murdered (killed) and my brother Camilus K responding to your sharing, which he specifically mentioned ....and I quote "don't worry uncle, Me'ekamui is pushing something that will stop the red skins from entering Bougainville uneccessarily...Unquote. Or something like that. These remarks between you my two clansmen have prompted me to talk to you about the recent achievements in the long struggle for Independance/Sovereignity for Bougainville.

I am one of your uncles, the bigger brother of Thomas Sivusia whom you know. Late Joseph Kabui and myself are also very close brothers. I am currently the Prime Minister of the faction of Me'ekamui government which is associated with Noah Musingku now known as King David Peii who I have been helping for the last ten (10) years to set up and establish our own monetary/banking and governing system, copping all the name callings - conman, pyramid scheme, attacks and police raids on our officers, bank account freezing & closures and even crucification on the media tribunal. But we have resorted to using the Law of Opposite" that enabled us to seize the opportuniies presented by the negative situations we have faced to go forward from power to power. e.g. When the conventional system closed and freezed our bank accounts in PNG banks, it has provided the opportunity to establish our own bank- International Bank of Me'ekamui (IBOM) which I am glad here to announce that the Me'ekamui governmnt and her international financial and banking system is now officially recognized by many countries of the world including 27 super power European nations, the European Central Bank (ECB), and European Union Commission (EUC), as a distinct sovereign government and nation. Our central bank (Central Bank of Bougainville) as the result of these protocol gesture have just received its BIC/SWIFT Code which is CBOBPGPMXXX and ISO 9362. The PNG government and BPNG protested and tried to block t off but official recognition and endorsement by the superpower nations in Europe had more weight in our favour. This is just one milestone breakthrough for us. We have many other breakthroughs too many to name here . Recognitionand awarding of BIC/SWWIFT Code to our central bank of Bougainbille means that our banking system is now fully recognized by all other international banks including WB, IMF, BIS, etc. Our bank can n ow transfer funds directly from Bougainville to any bank in PNG, SI, Fiji, Australia, NZ or wherever we want it to go. This was not possible in the past because PNG had an upper hand over Bougainville. However, sheer persistance and determination finally broke the record when the European Central Bank and European Union Commission came to our rescue.

Our central Bank of Bougainville is ow in the process of issuing/circulating our sovereign gold-base currency - Bougainville Kina (BVK)- electronically at the exchange rate of 1:1 against the euro. Therefore, despite lack of cooperation from ABG, the Me'ekamui/U-Vistract government went ahead and completed its international financial/banking system. It is our honour and previlege to repay the K1.00 billion debt/dinau that ABG incurred in her peace process todate.

That only the introduction of what I will share with you with regard to the culture based government of Me'ekamui.

Be blessed for now and await my next chronicle on this subject.

William Naru Sivusia

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  1. I read your letter with interest. You wrote the letter professionally. However, I wasn't convinced at all, especially when it comes to the Bougainville bank.