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Saturday, 9 June 2012

A Letter to Noah Musingku & UV-Stract

From Leonard Fong Roka


My fellow countryman, in your best of the best speech delivered by your dedicated representative Philip Mapah, you outlined the following differences between your government and the ABG for us to read. Let me quote:

“There are however, several interesting differences between the two governing systems:

(i) Those under ABG stream are obligated under their agreements to surrender and/or dispose off, or containerize their guns. Those under Meekamui are not obliged to surrender their arms as ex combatants may simply register the serial numbers of their guns with their government and keep the guns in their possession.

(ii) Those under ABG receive annual budgetary funds from PNG government, Australia, New Zealand, etc, whilst those under Meekamui receive no such funds but sacrifice to create their own independent/sovereign financial and banking system.

(iii) Those under ABG have easy access to cash funds from PNG and can easily make claims and/or submissions for funding from their government whilst those under Meekamui have to sacrifice and painstakingly wait for their government system to complete and deliver their long awaited funds when ready”.
Noah Musingku (

Nice faults to bring forward to our people. But, this is outright propaganda from an irresponsible leader. A leader that is nothing better than a dastard, surrounded by armed men in his cocoon.

Of course, Papaala was created in this peace effort. A sacrifice made by few leaders who saw that there was no need to keep the fight going. I cannot deny that, peace was initiated in a period where the BRA was always punishing the infiltrators, the PNGDF everywhere and a BRA victory was possible.

But, the Peace Process was significant for Bougainville was then divided. Thus, keeping the fight going meant that once the demoralized PNGDF was gone, then we would be left alone to slaughter our own people either because they invited the PNGDF or they were in the resistant movements and hunted us.

Thus, the surrender of weapons was necessary for the good of Bougainville.

In point 2, yes the ABG depends on the PNG government and Australian assistance and so on. This is justifiable because it is a government that is struggling to meet the needs of Bougainvilleans through a legitimate doorway allowed by the standardized world political ethics.

ABG’s fiscal or monetary problems are reflective of reality and not mythical agendas Papaala seems to promote and all Papaala hardcores knows that. From 1990 to 1995 our domestic economy was death (For Buka island, I think should be 1990-1992) except for Buka; however Buka alone cannot drive the Bougainville economic engine forward. And in Bougainville today, I claim that 95% of our businesses and citizens, we are free riders! Papaala you are one of us.

Therefore, when most of us are parasites, our internal revenue is weak, meaning to survive the ABG begs.

If Papaala is working to create a Bougainvillean ‘financial and banking system’, I support that, but walk under the sun and do business and not from a dark cave.

Point 3, is again off the track from obvious facts of the matter. ABG accesses funding from PNG in accordance to the dictates of the Bougainville Peace Agreement and the PNG National Constitution under which our Bougainville Constitution was created. And Bougainville has the right to funding because it is, under international law, is a part of PNG.

I have doubts in the line, ‘Meekamui have to sacrifice and painstakingly wait for their government system to complete and deliver their long awaited funds when ready’.

Firstly, in 2009 a news letter created by Papaala (left a copy at home) announced to Bougainville that you did assist the United States with a $US1 billion to invade Iraq. Then, why are you now telling us to wait? You helped the global economic power right from Bougainville that is Tonu, so why not get us going.

If all our money is in with the Swiss Banks or the Cayman Islands, why can’t we access it? And how did you access it from Bougainville to help the Iraqi invasion?

My silent observations blurrily identified where all the UV-Stract investors’ moneys ended up in (discourse isolated only to Bougainville). The very first weeks, UV-Stract landed in on Bougainville, investors got their windfalls after hours. Then, a change was institutionalised to a week or a fortnight. After, this it went to a month; to six months and finally to rest leaving the last wave of investors broke to this very moment.

This trend is reflective of the painstaking labouring and doubts of the UV-Stract officials to the influx of investors in Buka where they found it so hard to throw money from one investor to the next in the money pool of Buka.

So, they moved into other places like Arawa to collect money to make the ‘cash pool’ larger enough to keep their ‘swap’ game. Alongside this move, UV-Stract also knew that it was running out of steam for Bougainville was not the sort of economic environment where this ‘money swapping’ game would be sustained. So, he also brain-washed the late Francis Ona in the ‘No Go Zone’ of Panguna as the safe haven for his operations.

From this analysis, the trend is this: Investor ‘A’ drops into the UV-Stract money pool a K1. An investor ‘B’ adds another K1. With a K2 in the pool they wait for investor ‘C’ (in other circumstances, investor ‘A’ walks away and ‘B’ waits). When investor ‘C’ comes with a K1, investor ‘A’ walks off with a K2 that is a 100% dividend windfall whilst, investor ‘B’ and ‘C’ now waits for an investor ‘D’. If ‘D’ comes with a K10, then ‘B’ or ‘C’ both walk off laughing, whilst ‘D’ waits for someone or others to create him a K20 bailout.

This wait, today is a wait for eternity!

Being a fugitive running away from the PNG laws, the UV-Stract lacked any external investment to make profit and capital to back its administrative costs. So, created was a financial loophole that the uninformed investors had to fill up making the whole scheme dysfunctional. It was the ‘swap table’ that paid early investors and the financing of the administrative cost.

Immediately after the UV-Stract came to standstill, the village of Guava was sealed off from unnecessary visitors to UV-Stract and Meekamui especially those people who were pro-Bougainville Peace Process.

Why sealing off the public if this scheme was legitimate and for us, the people of Bougainville?


  1. Scam is be perpetuated throughout north america by Business Cannons Group. Curtis Mann in Vancouver is a leader, as is Tamilee Stranaghan and Bill Kimball in Boston. Shame on them all.

    1. What was your involvement with the above noted people?

  2. They created a view of world that was nothing but fiction, creating hope of funding and investment for real business to grow. Last heard they were off looking at Swedish Credit Union as another way to scam.

  3. Nothing happens as a miracle. Everything takes a process to complete. When you become a St Thomas, then we cannot move on. So, its you who cause all the delays.